Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sewing fun!

Wow...talk about a quick turn-around!  I was delivered a bride's maid dress today at noon.  I had it finished by 4pm.  That's rare around here.  And impressive as it involved ripping out a few seams & a lining!  The mom of the bride's maid was very pleased I was able to get it done so quickly.  I'm pleased that it doesn't look altered.  I should have taken a pic of it!  Its not this dress, but it was very similar.  

Cost:  $40
Had the dress been unlined, the price would have been lower.  Or if it had not been a specialty fabric.  This was mainly hand sewn.

The mom of the bride's maid was joking that she can't sew on a button.  But I can.  And I know there are people who really can't sew a button.  Not to mention they don't have the button, thread, needle or time.  I was also talking to my contact lens professional - he was telling me about a pocket with a hole that he hand stitched.  I was telling him whatever works, as long as the hole is closed....but it didn't work!  Next time he'll call me!  Yakima, WA area 509.577.8241  But don't call me if you're selling something - I'm on the Do Not Call list.


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