Monday, July 13, 2009

Cooking & Camping

I love to camp. And I love to bake. So imagine how I feel when I can combine the two!

The first night I made bread. Yep. Yeast bread!!

The key to camp cooking is to prepare your stuff ahead of time. Before
we left home, I measured out all my dry ingredients and put them in a zip top bag. I wrote on it the directions & measurements for the wet ingredients. Once we were up there I just needed to warm my milk, add the butter & yeast - mix it together, let it rise & then bake! I baked it in my dutch oven over the fire. . . let me tell you it was quite impressive!

We loved it so much I almost forgot to take a photo to share!

Night two I made a dessert. This is a cobbler type thing that I've forgotten the name of. You had to make a dough, then add the milk & kneed it.

Pat it flat, then add it into the dutch oven with the fruit filling.

I made Peach. Here's how it turned out:

More please Mom! This little cutie loved eating outdoors!

Now. . . a few tips about camping - Pack carefully so that you can still see out the back. I'm happy to say I got everything we needed into the vehicle and we took home everything we came with and some stuff the family had brought separately for us! Wow that's impressive packing.

I know this is cute. . . But don't pick wildflowers. Some only bloom every 7 years (not these yellow ones). And lupine won't last in a glass unless you singe the ends with a flame. Besides, wildflowers need to bloom & go to seed so there will be flowers next year!
When you leave - don't forget to drown your fire. Look at this steam & smoke. . . that was one hot fire!

Have fun & let me know how your trip goes!