Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm working on this fabulous project. I can't share all the details in case my friend is reading this. But....a bunch of us have joined together to make a quilt. I've never claimed to be a quilter, but at least I'm fairly crafty & can sew. All I have to do is make a square.

Ever have a day when you're ready to work on a project but you don't have the right stuff, but you forge ahead anyway. That was me. I really needed some fusible interfacing. But it was midnight and I didn't want to wait until tomorrow when I could get to the fabric store. So I taped my fabrics together & sewed. Yes, tape. I know some of you are gasping in horror. Remember I never claimed to be a quilter! It worked though.

Here's my square. Its not finished yet, but I'll let you look.

I'd like to sign it with my name & bumble bee. I just need to figure out how....so I'm off to Google it.

Here's the finished square!

I used a brown fabric pen to trace my bee & name. I'd printed a piece of paper & slid it under the fabric. It was thin enough I could see it just fine.

Update - Here's the finished quilt - another gal put it together...this is way beyond my skills! A group of us made squares to give to a friend who'd had a baby that died at birth. I know she'll treasure it forever!