Thursday, December 20, 2007

New on Etsy

Here's my newest projects - they can be purchased at BumbleBaby Mommy

Reclaimed wool sweaters - made into felted knit skirts and pants. I'm currently purchasing or accepting donations for my felted sweaters. If you have a fab sweater that was ruined, email me & we'll see what I can do for you!

The pants are unisex, and all items are made from natural materials. They can be lanolized to be used as longies to cover your cloth diapers.

My next item is the favorite of the month - shopping cart covers! The covers are a large rectangle, with cut outs for baby's legs and loops to attach toys. These covers are great for a place to set baby down, a tummy time mat, a restaurant high chair cover, or anything else you can think of. Fabrics are quilted to add a small amount of cushion for baby. They can be trimmed to contrast or to match the main pattern. All covers are reversible. (Notice Ava is modeling another style of felted pants in this photo too)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Where have I been??

I've been to Etsy. If you don't know - they have some wonderful handmade items. . .don't go until you have money to spend!!

I've been busy setting up my Etsy shop and sewing, sewing, sewing. Visit the shop because I'm also painting!

BumbleBaby Mommy on Etsy

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy as a bee. . . .

I've been busy sewing! And I love it! My website has not gone anywhere. Someday.

I listen to a fantastic podcast, Pediacast. From there, I found their blog. I've donated a nursing cover for a contest Karen at Pediascribe is running.

One of her readers posted this link for me. . . . I only wish I'd known about this 6 months ago!! Actually, I'd still love to have one. Its a fantastic nursing pillow - the web site shows it for bottlefed babies, breastfed babies, tummy time. . .

Oh the time I can waste online! And the money I could spend!

Monday, July 30, 2007

To cover or not to cover?

The date: Summer 2006. I just found out I was pregnant with Ava. I was at a restaurant with my friend and we saw a mom breastfeeding a very new baby and using a beautiful cover up.

My reaction: I scoffed! Why bother? I was telling my friend. If you want to be discrete about feeding, just buy some nice nursing clothes. You don't need one more baby accessory. Its just one more thing to tote around. That cover is calling much more attention to the breastfeeding than not using one would.

Fast-forward to just before the end of my pregnancy. I decided I NEEDED a cover up. Not just wanted, but needed. There I was, nine months pregnant and sewing. I improved on the one I saw and made some adjustments. It went immediately into my hospital bag. I needed that as much as a going home outfit for baby. Maybe more so. (As it turned out, the going home outfit was too big. I didn't have a hat or a onsie or socks.)

I used the cover up non stop while receiving guests in the hospital. I had my hands free to adjust Ava but didn't feel so exposed that I wanted people to step out of the room. I used it again while we were home. I began taking it everywhere. It has become my stroller cover, a blanket for on the ground or floor, a blanket for a chilly breeze, a sun shade. Its helpful now as Ava has discovered there is a world around her and its more interesting than just eating is! She spends her nursing time popping on and off leaving Momma terribly exposed if not using the cover.

I began to realize sometimes I felt more comfortable nursing in public because those around me were more comfortable. I still nurse without it depending on the situation, but it sure is nice to have around! The photo above is a Mommy using the cover up I made for her. She's at a wedding at a yacht club with her 5 month old.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Growing so quickly. . .

When I started BumbleBaby Mommy the ideas just started coming. I'm getting geared up to make matching burp cloths and blankets to match the nursing cover ups. In the future we may add a unique pacifier holder. . . I'm still working on getting the materials together for it at a reasonable price. Also look for custom sewn diaper bag purses. Again, I'm not sure how the pricing will work for that - so its coming.

Remember, if you don't see a fabric that is your style let me know. I tend to use a lot of sophisticated trendy types but have sold them before photographing!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome to BumbleBaby Mommy! I'm Melissa and I'm a mommy to two little girls age 4 1/2 years and 4 1/2 months! I created BumbleBaby Mommy because I needed to make my life with baby #2 easier. I was constantly searching for products that would make life with baby a bit easier on her and on me.

My number one item. . . a nursing cover up! I'm all for nursing in public - and can be quite discrete about it. But there are times you just need to cover up a bit. Especially those first 3 months when momma and baby are learning how to breastfeed. A blanket is great, but I've never been coordinated enough to make it work for me. So I started sewing nursing cover ups. I made 2 for me, and then 2 for my sister-in-law. Then I gave one to my good friend. Then my brother's girlfriend commissioned me to make 4 for her friends. And just last week I sold my first one.

The cover ups are great but you don't have to be a breastfeeding mom to use it. You don't even have to be a mom! I've found they work well to drape over the sun shade of the stroller and the car seat carrier. If you put it around your neck you can protect baby from the sun or other weather elements. They become emergency blankets to cover baby with and to lay on the ground or floor. You can use it as a clean place to change a diaper or as a quick burp cloth.

The cover ups are similar to others manufactured like Hooter Hiders and Bebe au Lait, but are more affordable for most people. More importantly, they're made for mommies by a mommy. Each one is hand cut and sewn and each is unique. Although they are approximately the same size, sizes do vary slightly with the smallest size being 20" x 30". As do the patterns; I buy my fabrics and make only a few of each. There is a rigid arc at the top that allows baby to see mommy and mommy to see how baby is latching on. The neck strap is adjustable. In the corner you'll find a piece of soft fabric (terrycloth, flannel, or jersey knit) that serves as a pocket for breast pads and pacifiers and as a burp cloth to wipe baby's mouth with after eating.

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one. I'm working on getting a web site but for now a blog is 'getting the job done.' Check out the fabric collection in Photobucket - just follow the link. And let me know if you prefer a different fabric than the ones shown.