Friday, July 15, 2011

Camping x Family Reunion = Fun

We spent last weekend camping.  Okay, some people camped.  I spent my nights in a cozy cabin sleeping on the worst mattresses ever.  I decked out the cabin with some super cute buntings that the girls helped me make.  And then we didn't even eat there!!

But our food was fabulous...check this out!

We roasted Krispy Kreme donuts over the fire.

 But the real food came out for Saturday's dinner.  BBQ Smoked pulled pork sandwiches.  We roasted the pork for 10 hours.  It took 2 days to roast 50 lbs of pork.

 We made 2 types of coleslaw for the pork.  One was a vinegar based North Carolina sauce.  And we make baked beans from scratch.  They only smoked 45 minutes.

 I made some cute little toothpick flags to match the buntings (that no one saw!).  I stuck them into some deviled eggs.  They looked like dis-proportioned sail boats.  The next pic is herbed butter, molded into stars. And of course, each got a toothpick flag!

Drinks are always fun with us....We made 3 types of beer & 3 types of soda for the occasion.  Coconut Porter, Summer Ale, & Dead Guy beers.  Sour Cherry Soda, Creme Soda, & Root Beer.  And can you see 5 bottles of wine?  I guess 3 were contributed by me.  What can I say?  I know some great vintners.

Making beer comes in handy when you need to boil 20 ears of corn.  That's a 5 gallon brew-pot.  You can't see the scale because in the background is our antique cast iron cooking griddle.  It measures at least 24x40"!!  I've never even seen these.  Its made to fit on top of our antique wood burning cookstove.

Dessert was dutch oven cobbler - peach or sour pie cherry.  I hand pitted the cherries...what a labor of love. It was a lot of work!

The kids got into things making ice cream in our ice cream balls.  They roll them around, and next thing you know - Hot Chocolate, Strawberry, & Raspberry ice cream are ready!  We made the vanilla in the big electric ice cream maker.

 Happy camping!


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