Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coupon Savings!

Great news!! I opened my coupon spreadsheet yesterday and started looking at it closely.

I've saved $118.13 using coupons in January, and $40.49 so far in February. This is not counting the store savings - this is just coupons! That's great!! And I will say I'm super picky about coupons. I don't use them for anything I wouldn't normally buy. I'm also careful to check to see if the generic is less without a coupon than the brand name is with the coupon.

So I thought today I'd post a few of my favorite links to the money saving blogs I like to read. Eventually I'd like to get them into my list on the sidebar.

**Please note these are not links - you'll need to copy & paste to open the link. Sorry about that.
This is where my grocery/coupon spreadsheet came from
I love this one on Weds!! - they have links to tons more blogs with great tips!

This is the BEST at keeping track of your money - it does it for you. Sadly I use a local credit union & it can't link up with them - but it tracks everything else. I just started using this last month


  1. I never thought of keeping track of the amount of $$ I save on using coupons! What a great idea. Thanks for posting all the great sites!

  2. Thanks for sharing the links. Will check them out.