Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Spring is coming and so are my bees!! I have a colony of Cutter Bees living in my back yard. So I bought them a house. What else would a good former-Realtor do?

It was a purchase from a man in Seattle who sells his stuff on Etsy. The AR is his initials - I wish that it could have been customized with mine or just said bee or something. But I love the bee logo and the house is fabulous!

Cutter bees are the same as Mason bees. They won't hurt anyone - they just like to pollinate.

I'm putting the box out this week. I know its early but better early than late!

While we're talking houses - I also bought a butterfly house from the same shop.

I hope I can get a few to move in! We'll just have to wait & see. Come see more hints & tips at Rocks in my Dryer



  1. Super cute little houses for all of your friendly neighborhood bugs - way to stay organized! :)

    Love your blog, adorable, informative and a Yakimite! Can't wait to read more.

  2. Does your house get full of honey? Just wondered how it worked. Might be a great idea for us to keep our garden going to support some bees without becoming beekeepers! Jami

  3. Mason bees don't make honey. :(

    But they're great pollinators!! They're used around here to pollinate the fruit trees & the mint. At my house they just have some flowers, 2 apple trees and several berry bushes.

    There's a huge concern on the disappearance of bees - so I like to help even if its just a tiny bit!

  4. yes, I knew about the bee concerns but I didn't know that some didn't make honey! Wow. Thanks for the info. Jami