Monday, May 19, 2008

Post partum Depression & Anxiety

I've been thinking about PPD/A a lot again recently. I mainly wonder when I'll be "over it." I'm amazed at the difference in how much better I feel, and how I'm more like myself. I'm grateful to all the support my husband has given me. I wanted to share a few links with everyone reading.

PPD/A affects 2 out of 10 women

It is the number 1 complication of pregnancy/childbirth

It can affect moms, dads & adoptive parents

It can hit you before, during or after pregnancy. You may have had a miscarriage or a still birth.

Out of the Valley

Post Partum Progress

Speak Up when You're Down

PPD/A does not always show up as the mom who's in bed with her covers pulled up over her head & messy hair. No one knew I needed help - I always had my hair done, my make up on, my girls dressed in coordinating outfits. Its important for friends & family of pregnant women to be on the look out for PPD/A. . . its not always what you think it is.


  1. Pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman's life and unfortunately sometimes in this phase a woman gets caught in the web of depression. Though depression during pregnancy is not uncommon, it can be dangerous for both the mother and the unborn baby.

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