Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wowee! A great giveaway

My friend Beth is having an awesome giveaway on her blog. If you haven't been reading her blog, you need to start. . . .She has some great crafting ideas. Her daughter Kelly is about Emma's age and those two are so much alike sometimes. . . .

Bizzy Bee Creations

Instructions are on her page as to how to enter. I'm hoping I win because I know Em wants hair clips!! (They go great with a tee-ball uniform!!)

Or, just head over to Beth's etsy shop & purchase your own clips - then you win no matter what! Its not just bows at her shop - there's some other stuff too.

While you're checking out etsy shops, stop by mine again - I've added some new stuff. I've just designed a Hankie Apron, and I have some cute Grow-with-me Sundresses.

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  1. Thanks Melissa!! I will enter your name three times!!