Friday, April 2, 2010

Missed me? I've been busy sewing, selling Sensaria & keeping up with the kids! My husband & I are on a debt reducing mission...thanks to Dave Ramsey!
The girls & I colored Easter eggs today...check out these colors! We used the Neon food coloring drops and brown eggs.

We forgot to color the eggs with white only half were done with writing & patterns. Here's Emma coloring. Look at those gorgeous brown eggs!

And here they both are putting them in the dye. We did the old school vinegar & food coloring dye. Who needs expensive egg kits around here?! Not us!!

The other thing I'm all hyped up on is organizing my pantry. I found this great site a couple of days ago where they show you how to make a can rotater. You know, its a gadget that holds your cans of soup (or whatever) and lets them drop down one at a time.

The original post is here: but the PDF and the instructions are at Food Storage Made Easy at this link.
I'm going to try to make some this weekend. I'll post photos once I have it done.
Oh, and I've been making new aprons. Check these out! I've done some in denim.
And some in a flirty retro style & lots of color!

Have a great Easter!


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  1. Very cute aprons, Melissa. It's good to hear you're doing great, just busy. Nothing wrong with that! Hope May has treated you well too.
    Jami in Eburg