Saturday, July 14, 2007

Welcome to BumbleBaby Mommy! I'm Melissa and I'm a mommy to two little girls age 4 1/2 years and 4 1/2 months! I created BumbleBaby Mommy because I needed to make my life with baby #2 easier. I was constantly searching for products that would make life with baby a bit easier on her and on me.

My number one item. . . a nursing cover up! I'm all for nursing in public - and can be quite discrete about it. But there are times you just need to cover up a bit. Especially those first 3 months when momma and baby are learning how to breastfeed. A blanket is great, but I've never been coordinated enough to make it work for me. So I started sewing nursing cover ups. I made 2 for me, and then 2 for my sister-in-law. Then I gave one to my good friend. Then my brother's girlfriend commissioned me to make 4 for her friends. And just last week I sold my first one.

The cover ups are great but you don't have to be a breastfeeding mom to use it. You don't even have to be a mom! I've found they work well to drape over the sun shade of the stroller and the car seat carrier. If you put it around your neck you can protect baby from the sun or other weather elements. They become emergency blankets to cover baby with and to lay on the ground or floor. You can use it as a clean place to change a diaper or as a quick burp cloth.

The cover ups are similar to others manufactured like Hooter Hiders and Bebe au Lait, but are more affordable for most people. More importantly, they're made for mommies by a mommy. Each one is hand cut and sewn and each is unique. Although they are approximately the same size, sizes do vary slightly with the smallest size being 20" x 30". As do the patterns; I buy my fabrics and make only a few of each. There is a rigid arc at the top that allows baby to see mommy and mommy to see how baby is latching on. The neck strap is adjustable. In the corner you'll find a piece of soft fabric (terrycloth, flannel, or jersey knit) that serves as a pocket for breast pads and pacifiers and as a burp cloth to wipe baby's mouth with after eating.

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing one. I'm working on getting a web site but for now a blog is 'getting the job done.' Check out the fabric collection in Photobucket - just follow the link. And let me know if you prefer a different fabric than the ones shown.



  1. Thank you so much for your feedback. It's always good to hear. I have never seen a product like yours, and I only wish I did when my girls were younger it could have been very helpful. Good Luck with your new company, and take a second and subscribe to our newsletter, we will have great links to other sites. I will also give you a link through my blog. Best of Luck.

    Natalie Paris Designs

  2. The site she's talking about is
    There are some great accessories for mommy & girls of all ages - hair bows, headbands, diaper wipe cases.

  3. This is a wonderful idea, we have so many new mommies in my family, and I will make sure they know about this site!


  4. I love my green paisley twill nursing cover! The craftsmanship is exquisite, and the functionality made our recent travels for a family reunion so much easier. My little boy is four months old now, and he had a hard weekend of teething. I’ve nursed in public several times without a cover, which was never a problem because he was an efficient nurser. This weekend, however, his gum pain caused him to pull off frequently and sometimes to choose a game of “pretending” to nurse before breaking away to smile at me a few dozen times before seriously feeding. It was such a relief to have privacy under our cover for his little shenanigans. It also helped him calm down from all the family attention to go under the cover for nursing. He could actually relax and feel like it was just Mommy and him.
    We used it for everything imaginable! It folds to be the slimmest thing in our diaper bag, and he laid on it like a blanket at the old family farm, he had it draped over him when the sun was high, and I never would have kept track of his pacifier without the little corner pocket. By the third day of the reunion, when my gorgeous green paisley pattern was pulled out whoever was carrying my son at the time would bring him over to me and say, “Momma’s ready for you!”
    Thank you! You really made our trip so much less stressful with your wonderful product!

  5. Melissa, I just received my coverup and I can't wait to use it! I nurse my daughter in the mother's room at church where there are a lot of other kids around and my daughter was starting to hate being under a blanket because she couldn't see me. This will be perfect! Thanks for such a great product.

  6. What a nifty idea! I may actually need one of these, especially from a fellow Yakimite. If you read my blog, you'll see I'm all about buying local (thinly veiled hint). Pretty prints, too! But people here seem so weird about nursing in public (even covered) that I've been avoiding it.

    btw, not only do we both live in Yakima but we are also the same astrological sign. Cool, huh?

  7. What a great idea. I never nursed in public because I was too nervous or intimidated but had I a nursing cover up, I may have done it. It's great that you are able to sell them! Great way to make extra money doing something you love. Keep it up!
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