Monday, July 30, 2007

To cover or not to cover?

The date: Summer 2006. I just found out I was pregnant with Ava. I was at a restaurant with my friend and we saw a mom breastfeeding a very new baby and using a beautiful cover up.

My reaction: I scoffed! Why bother? I was telling my friend. If you want to be discrete about feeding, just buy some nice nursing clothes. You don't need one more baby accessory. Its just one more thing to tote around. That cover is calling much more attention to the breastfeeding than not using one would.

Fast-forward to just before the end of my pregnancy. I decided I NEEDED a cover up. Not just wanted, but needed. There I was, nine months pregnant and sewing. I improved on the one I saw and made some adjustments. It went immediately into my hospital bag. I needed that as much as a going home outfit for baby. Maybe more so. (As it turned out, the going home outfit was too big. I didn't have a hat or a onsie or socks.)

I used the cover up non stop while receiving guests in the hospital. I had my hands free to adjust Ava but didn't feel so exposed that I wanted people to step out of the room. I used it again while we were home. I began taking it everywhere. It has become my stroller cover, a blanket for on the ground or floor, a blanket for a chilly breeze, a sun shade. Its helpful now as Ava has discovered there is a world around her and its more interesting than just eating is! She spends her nursing time popping on and off leaving Momma terribly exposed if not using the cover.

I began to realize sometimes I felt more comfortable nursing in public because those around me were more comfortable. I still nurse without it depending on the situation, but it sure is nice to have around! The photo above is a Mommy using the cover up I made for her. She's at a wedding at a yacht club with her 5 month old.


  1. I SO wish I still had babies that nursed! I struggled with a Carter's receiving blanket and oftentimes failed miserably (either flashing unsuspecting passerbys, or not having any clue what was going on under the blanket!)

    This is an awesome product whose time has come! And the fabric choices are so lovely!

    WTG for making a product for nursing moms!!!

  2. I just entered the contest to win one of your cover ups at Pediascribe. Here is my post: