Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Organization 2012

We've been working on making house changes like crazy!!  I've been sewing, decluttering, organizing, creating schedules, all on top of our normal routines.  Its really going to help Ava with her Aspergers & Sensory Processing (visual overload is a BAD thing!!)

Here's what I've made for the dresser - I'll have the laminated & put on with Command adhesive. Follow the link to print your own set.   Dresser Labels  (Sorry moms of boys, these are pretty girly!)  There are labels for everything in the girls' drawers - I printed them three times so that no girl is left out!

I found some pretty blank tags on line, then I Googled our favorite toys, add the photo & text and have personalized toy bin labels.  Yes, back to laminating!!  I love laminated things!!  I've been going to the office store, but I'd love to own my own machine!!  (they're really not that expensive!)  Here's the link to our labels:  Toy bin labels  And here is the (source) for the blank labels.  Poke around on the site, there were rectangles, circles and several colors!  I'm not done yet, but I'm thinking I'll punch a hole in each & tie with a ribbon to the toy bins.

I've made schedule cards for Ava.  Again, I printed them & then had them laminated.  This time, I put velcro on the backs and attach them to a vertical velcro strip that hangs on the fridge.  Here is the link to print what we use.  Schedule cards

I've also made a written schedule for me & big sis Emma to be able to read, so we can set up the velcro chart.  I got the schedule here (source).  But it didn't have the text! I added my own text.  Follow this link to print our schedule Summer schedule

Have fun getting your kids on track for summer.  Even if we don't follow the schedule every day, it really is helping us!


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  1. What font did you use for the toy labels? I need to create some different ones but I really like that font. Thanks!