Sunday, January 22, 2012

Greening up the House

 Ever since Sensaria closed, I've been shopping with a new company.  Turns out I can get more than just the non-toxic Citrus Cleaner that I loved...I can supply my whole house with green products!

I love not looking like the gal in this photo.  I can breathe when I clean the house!

Part of the green movement in our house is buying in bulk & keeping a better pantry.  Down in the basement, I've decided that part of my laundry room will be a pantry.  I've found that the 2.5 or 5 gallon paint buckets at our Ace Hardware store are food-safe.  I have large ones for rice, flour, and sugar; as well as smaller ones for powdered milk and oatmeal.

I have several cardboard boxes that I'd cut apart and made into can storage holders.

I also have a shelving rack to hold things I've canned or purchased on sale.  (Just ignore all the beer...hubby likes to brew his own & thinks that shelf is HIS!  He's quite mistaken!)

Upstairs in the kitchen, smaller containers are neatly labeled.  I love that label maker!  And even though this jar of beans is on my top shelf - where I really can't see - all the dried beans & lentils are in glass canning jars.  I've done the same with my rice & the protein drink mix.


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